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Asclepias spp. (MILKWEED)

milkweedBring in the butterflies and bees and help the monarchs by providing Florida native milkweed.

Choose a species based on moisture conditions.

Shown: Asclepias perennis (SWAMP/AQUATIC MILKWEED) requires moist to wet conditions.

Larval Host for butterfly: monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), queen butterfly (Danaus gilippus) and soldier butterfly, (Danaus eresimus).


Morus rubra (RED MULBERRY)

Photo © Jenny Welch

Mulberry is a medium sized tree which is deciduous AND delicious.

Plant tree in areas where fallen fruit will not be an issue, or just be quick about it and pick the fruit to make muffins before it falls.

Wildlife interaction: fruits feed birds (cedar waxwing pictured) and mammals (including humans); attracts pollinators.

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