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Attract Pollinators to Your Veggie Garden with Native Plants

Add native plants to your garden and you can attract more pollinators which can help with the pollination of your *cash* crops…you know, the vegetable and fruit plants that we all love to grow to provide fresh additions to our meals.

An added benefit is that many pollinating wasp species are also predators or parasitoids of insects that may be considered pests in other areas of your garden such as Tomato Hornworm or grubs and mole crickets in your lawn area.

Surround your vegetable garden with a border of native plants which host butterflies, moths and beetles…all effective pollinators and you might just see an increase in the production of your edibles.


Thynnid Wasp (Myzinum sp.) on SLENDER FLATTOP GOLDENROD (Euthamia caroliniana), a Florida Native Plant. Larvae are parasitoids of white grubs so can be used in biological control.