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Bald Cypress Tree (Taxodium distichum)

bright green spring growth

bright green spring growth

Baldcypress tree is a wildlife playground!

Deciduous, great hurricane wind resistance, fall color, interesting foliage. Moth larval host.

Wildlife interaction: seeds are eaten by wild turkey, wood ducks, evening grosbeak, and squirrels.  The seed is a minor part of the diet of waterfowl and wading birds.  Yellow-throated warblers forage in the Spanish moss often found hanging on the branches of old cypress trees.  Cypress domes provide watering places for a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles of the surrounding pinelands. source: http://www.fs.fed.us/database/feis/plants/tree/taxdis/all.html

Supports many species of wildlife

Supports many species of wildlife

Learn planting conditions:  http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/taxodium-distichum


Platanus occidentalis (AMERICAN SYCAMORE)

sycamoreBarkJune2013Stately, fast growing tree that can reach heights of 150 ft. Deciduous, but the flaking bark provides wonderful winter interest.

Give this beauty room to grow.  Also called ; AMERICAN PLANETREE

sycamore091511Wildlife interaction: seeds feed multiple types of wildlife and older trees can provide nesting locations. Hosts several species of moths and I personally find butterflies resting for the night under the huge leaves.

Learn more:  http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/platanus-occidentalis

Cercis canadensis (EASTERN REDBUD)

beeRedbud030911AGiving pollinators an head start, bright pink flowers greet you before the leaves develop each spring on the eastern redbud tree. Attains a height of 25-30 ft. making it a perfect specimen for a smaller garden.

Larval host: Henry’s elfin (Callophrys henrici) and io moth (Automeris io). Popular with bees.

Learn more:  http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/cercis-canadensis

Rusty Staggerbush (Lyonia fruticosa)

Blue Dasher Dragonfly rests on coastalplain staggerbush

Blue Dasher Dragonfly rests on coastalplain staggerbush

Want Dragonflies? Pollinators? Along with a water source, Lyonia (Lyonia spp.) shrubs provide perfect habitat as landing areas and nectar source.  Good cover for mammals.  A slow growing small tree or shrub. Bell shaped flowers with evergreen leaves that have a dusting of a rust coloring providing interesting foliage.

Learn planting conditions: http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/lyonia-fruticosa

dahoon holly (Ilex cassine)

Robins in dahoon holly tree, a Florida Native Plant

Robins in dahoon holly tree, a Florida Native Plant

Want Robins? How about other songbirds? DAHOON HOLLY (Ilex cassine) tree will entice them. Good cover for mammals and birds will nest, including mockingbirds, grackles, cardinals and others.

Berries feed songbirds and other wildlife

Berries feed songbirds and other wildlife

Flowers popular with pollinators. dioecious; make sure you have at least one male plant in the vicinity to produce berries on the females

dahoon holly, a Florida native plant provides excellent coverage for nesting birds, such as this mockingbird

dahoon holly, a Florida native plant provides excellent coverage for nesting birds, such as this mockingbird

Learn planting conditions: http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/ilex-cassine

Laurel Oak (Quercus laurifolia)

Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)

Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)

Want Tufted Titmice? How about butterflies? A LAUREL OAK (Quercus laurifolia) tree will entice them. The birds love the acorns.

Larval host: Horaces Duskywing (Erynnis horatius) and White M Hairstreak (Parrhasius m-album) butterflies.

Learn planting conditions: http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/quercus-laurifolia

Morus rubra (RED MULBERRY)

Photo © Jenny Welch

Mulberry is a medium sized tree which is deciduous AND delicious.

Plant tree in areas where fallen fruit will not be an issue, or just be quick about it and pick the fruit to make muffins before it falls.

Wildlife interaction: fruits feed birds (cedar waxwing pictured) and mammals (including humans); attracts pollinators.

Learn more:  http://www.fnps.org/plants/plant/morus-rubra